Paging and Intercom Systems


Effective and reliable building communications is more important than ever.  That's why Brown Audio Video has partnered with Wahsega Labs.  Their Carina Building communications and control platform is one of the best in the business and is relied on by countless schools and organizations across the country.


“With Carina, we got a comprehensive platform with a fully digital paging system, synchronized clock and bell scheduler, classroom intercom and emergency notification that’s future-proof.”  Gerry Dawson, Technology Director, West Jefferson School District, Pennsylvania.

The Carina system features:

  • Digital PA System
  • IP Intercom System
  • LED Message Boards

Why use Carina: Building?

Affordably solves your most important building communications and control problems.

  • COMPLETE COVERAGE - Handles all your communication from life safety to daily use paging & bell scheduler (with ADA compliance).
  • PRICING - All the features you need at a price you'll love.  Pricing that beats legacy systems.
  • SAFETY NOTIFICATIONS - Allow people and buldings to reach out for help with smart help stations and building intelligence.
  • INVESTMENT PROTECTION - Allways innovating the next genveration solutions driven by listening to our customers.
  • FEATURES YOU NEED - Customize zones, clock synchronization, schedule announcements and create bell schedules.
  • TRUSTED RELIABILITY - Independent operation in the case of power and internet outages.
  • TALK TO OUR EXPERTS - Allow us to provide a tailored solution for your unique facility.

want to learn more?  download our carina overvew here.


window Intercom Systems

Speech Transfer Systems at Portage Co Job and Family Services

Our window intercoms, also known as speech transfer or talk-thru systems, can help your customers and staff communicate.  With duplex microphone/speaker systems and hearing loops, even those with hearing loss can easily communicate.  We can install it for you, or you can install yourself.  Visit our online store for more information.

  • Clarity is restored where normal speech is impaired by glass / barriers
  • Can be used with hearing loops to assist those with hearing loss
  • Perfect for a wide variety of venues and retail environments
  • We also supply kits that you can install yourself – or we can help!

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Buy window intercom kits

We have many options to customize a solution that works best for you.  We can install them quickly (if you’re in or near northeast Ohio or western Pennsylvania) or you can do it yourself.  Easy-to-follow instructions and Brown Audio Service tech support are included. See our installation video:

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