Hearing Loops Make Theatre Accessible Again

TV 10 in Columbus, Ohio recently aired this story on the newly looped Short North Stage. Hearing loop helps those with hearing loss enjoy live theater.

As a a lifelong theatre buff , Helen Weibel regularly attends plays at the Short North Stage in Columbus, Ohio . But as she got older, worsening hearing made her enjoyment at plays more difficult. Sadly, her experience had become one of understanding only a few words and having to piece the story together through context. It was exhausting. She couldn’t enjoy live theater like she used to. Then at a local meeting of the Hearing Loss Association of America she experienced a hearing loop for the first time. The sound of the presentation was delivered directly to her ear. The experience was transformative. That’s when she thought, what if this technology could be brought to the theater. So she convinced Short North Stage to install a hearing loop.

Soon she was in the audience for Short North’s production of Young Frankenstein. For the first time in years she could understand all of the dialogue and lyrics. And for the first time in years, she was able to relax and just enjoy the show.

Watch the video for more about how hearing loops helps those with hearing loss enjoy live theater from Helen and the Short North Stage.