Hearing Loops and Listening Assistance


"I forgot I was even hearing impaired.  I just was enjoying the show... it was so clear!
Ellen Weibel, Columbus, OH

There are many common problems that can make hearing a frustrating experience – distance, background noise, or poor room acoustics.

Our solutions include convenient, wireless equipment that helps you hear effortlessly. We offer several technologies to help you hear and to satisfy ADA and IEC requirements.

  • Sound is broadcast directly to hearing aids / cochlear implants
  • All our technicians are certified hearing loop installers
  • Unmatched number of installations in Ohio and surrounding areas
  • Perfect for all types of venues, from churches to conference halls
  • We can even install temporary hearing loops for events

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Hearing Loops

The Hearing Loss Association of America and the American Academy of Audiology recommend induction hearing loops as the preferred assistive listening system for those with hearing loss. Sound is “broadcast” directly to the users hearing aid or cochlear implant. There is no need for separate receivers and headsets. To learn more about hearing loop technology, click here.

Brown Audio Video has installed more hearing loops in the state of Ohio and the surrounding region than any other firm. Our technicians are certified hearing loop installers capable of meeting international performance standard IEC60118-4 ensuring your audience the best possible sound.

We have the knowledge and the experience to install your hearing loop right. We are the hearing loop installation experts.

Groups We Help

  • Houses of worship – sanctuaries, meeting halls.
  • Government – meeting rooms, offices.
  • Healthcare – consultation rooms, nursing/assisted living facilities.
  • Education – class rooms, auditoriums.
  • Entertainment/Sports – theatres, stadiums, arenas.
  • Corporate – conference rooms, show rooms.
  • Retail - counter loops.

Technologies We Use

We recognize that a single assistive listening system may not work in all situations. That’s why we use several technologies to help people hear in all situations.

  • Hearing loops.
  • Wireless FM.
  • Infrared.
  • Sound Systems.

speaking engagements

I am a passionate hearing loop advocate.  I’m a member of the Hearing Loss Association of America, The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and Equual Access. I’m available  for speaking engagements for groups interested in learning more about helping the hearing impaired through looping.  This is a free service to help promote better hearing access for everyone.

Warren Brown

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers


Bnai Jeshurun Synagogue,
Cleveland, Ohio


Holland Theatre,
Bellefontaine, Ohio


Indiana University,
Bloomington, Indiana


Lakeside Chautauqua Gazebo,
Lakeside, Ohio


St. Paul Cathedral,
Pittsburgh, PA


Weathervane Playhouse,
Akron, Ohio

Temporary Hearing Loops

Are you planning an event and want to make sure ALL your guests can hear? Is your venue not looped? Brown Audio Video expertly installs temporary hearing loops that will help everyone feel included in the party.


American Association of the Blind Meeting,
Independence, Ohio

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