Your Wireless Microphones May Be Illegal

Your Wireless Microphones May Become Illegal - Brown Audio Service

Did you know that the Federal Communications Commission recently made changes that could affect the wireless microphones in your church actually making them illegal to use?

The ruling regards the reallocation of a section of airwaves in the 600 – 700 MHz frequencies previously available for wireless equipment, like microphones, to usage by licensed cellular phone systems for wireless internet service. After July 13, 2020 it will no longer be legal to operate wireless mics in this band of frequencies. Many wireless microphones used by houses of worship are in this band. If you want to read the details about the 600 MHz ban, check out the article on the FCC website.

What will your microphone do when cell phone providers starts using the space?  While it will be illegal to use microphones in the 600-700 MHz range, the most common problem you will face will be increasing interference as other devices use this spectrum. This interference may result in loud static or simply shut your microphone down. Eventually, it will render the microphones useless. It is also possible that you may be subject to a fine or legal charges.

Some background.

The increased use of cellular devices like iPhones and Androids has meant millions of people are now jamming the airwaves as they attempt to access the internet. The result has been that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has re-claimed a band of airwave frequencies (614mHz-698mHz) and auctioned them off to cellular providers like T-Mobile. This means churches can no longer use wireless microphones that utilize this space.

The FCC stated that houses of worship could still use these frequencies until 2020, UNLESS a local auction owner decides to start using this space. T-Mobile has already begun using this spectrum and there are areas within the United States where wireless microphones only get static because of interference.

What can you do?

Your microphone and receiver should have a label that states the frequencies they are using.  If they transmit between 614 and 698 mHz, they are in the banned spectrum and will need to be replaced.

Brown Audio Service LLC can help.

We can come to your facility and inventory your equipment to see what needs to be replaced and make recommendations. Also, some of the microphone manufacturers that we work with are providing rebates on wireless microphones for a limited time. Meaning you might be able to replace the microphones that are in the relocated frequencies for less money.

Please give us a call at 330-338-8550 or send an email to set up an evaluation of your equipment.