Weathervane Playhouse, Akron, Ohio

Weathervane Playhouse, Akron, Ohio

“I always loved going to plays, but when I got older, I couldn’t hear the dialogue so I stopped going. This was the first show I saw in years and I heard every word!”

Weathervane Playhouse, live theater and hearing loss.

Hearing in public spaces can be difficult even when a hearing aid is used. Echoing sounds, coughing, whispering, laughter, and other small (and not so small) noises can make it difficult to hear.

That can make it frustrating for avid theater fans. And while a few will ask for hearing assist devices, many won’t.

Weathervane Playhouse has delighted theater goers in Akron, Ohio since 1935 and its current home in the Merriman Valley opened in 1970. Many of its patrons have been attending for decades.

Over the years, some of Weathervane’s patrons suffered loss of hearing and could no longer enjoy the productions. They simply stopped attending. For live theater fans that is a real quality of life issue.

Weathervane installed a hearing loop ensuring that the drama is delivered right to the ears of those with hearing loss – ensuring┬áthat the audience hears every announcement, every line, and every song.

Thank you Weathervane for making sure that live theater remains an important part of patron’s lives.