Historic Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio

Historic Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio

“Trinity is such a magnificent church.  But part of what makes it so beautiful, also makes it hard to hear.  The hearing loop makes the sound as vivid as the space.”

Trinity Cathedral was officially consecrated in 1907, the grand Gothic structure serves a dual role as a parish church and as Cathedral for the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

With its soaring stone walls, the traditional cathedral sanctuary is an enormous echo chamber.  Music is ethereal but the spoken word can be challenging to understand. Most especially for those with hearing loss. And a simple hearing aid didn’t help.

What Trinity Cathedral needed was a hearing loop.

While the marble floors are gorgeous, they contribute to the echo that makes it so hard to hear. Brown Audio Service LLC was able to install a hearing loop in the marble floor in such a way as to make it completely unnoticeable.

Yet, once a t-coil is activated hearing is suddenly possible.

Allowing the marvel and beauty of the space to shine through while also making services more accessible for hearing impaired parishioners makes Trinity Cathedral services much more enjoyable.