Sisters of Notre Dame, Covington, Kentucky

A Hearing Loop for the Sisters of St. Joseph Chapel

Sister Barnardine, Sisters of St Joseph - Brown Audio Service LLC

The Sisters of St. Joseph was founded in 1650 in France – Sisters of St. Joseph History  They came to the United States in 1836 and founded a deaf school for children in Carondelet, Missouri. From there they spread across the US.

This is Sister Bernadine of the Sisters of St. Joseph Convent in Erie, PA. Sister Bernadine is 102 years young and hasn’t heard mass properly in many years. Recently, the convent added a hearing loop to their chapel.

When Sister heard mass through the hearing loop for the first time in the chapel, she giggled. Her absolute joy at hearing sound from the pulpit again caused her to burst out in laughter that lifted everyone.

There is also a hearing loop in the Gathering Room.

The Sisters have devoted their lives to the service of others and Brown Audio Service is honored to have helped them fully participate in their daily Mass.